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Hidden in plain sight, China’s treatment of its neighbours tactically exhibits the Party’s international intentions.

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Xi Jinping became president of the Chinese Communist Party in 2012, and within less than a decade, has managed to single-handedly reshape China both within and beyond its borders. Despite being shrouded in vague obscurity, changes and decisions within the country are nevertheless easier to decipher than the subtleties of its global reach. Yet each internal policy, partnership and promotion is a subversive strategy that indicates the Party’s external objectives.

China currently lies at the heart of some of the world’s most challenging geopolitical tensions…

The biggest disappointment of Italy v England was not England losing the trophy — it was the loss of morality.

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Harry Kane wore a pride flag armband. The whole team took the knee. In the lead up to the match, Gareth Southgate said, “Our drive to the stadium was an amazing experience for all of us. Every religion, every community, every heritage — it was fabulous to see.”

Everything about the England team was representative of humility, inclusion and allyship that has been somewhat lacking in societies throughout the world. It was a special team that many argued had the…

We failed.

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As countries around the world roll out mass vaccination programmes, the veil of uncertainty and frustration that has shrouded the planet bringing it to a standstill is slowly lifting. With a tentative but optimistic hunger, we are beginning to restart — people are planning holidays, weddings and social reunions. In a sense, we can dare to dream again.

But the past year has brought to light more than our reflexive desire for freedom, and as restrictions roadmaps continue to be laid out, an innate human failing remains.

When COVID-19 was first detected beyond the borders of China, many…

The phenomenon of outrage has overtaken critical thinking.

The loudest voices are no longer the ones that have the most valuable thing to say, but rather the ones that wrote the rulebook on what views are right and which ones are wrong. Those that are considered right transform into values; those that are considered wrong become bigotry.

But there are fundamental differences between wrong, misplaced and bigotry. …

Vivre Sa Vie (1962)

Language is a vital thread in the rich tapestry of culture. Some are subdued, others deeply embedded with rich metaphors. Subtle nuances in sarcasm, colloquialism and tone offer an insight into the complexities that shape part of the people who speak them. What I mean, as a somewhat jaded and cynical Brit, when I say ‘I’m fine’, is that things are probably going terribly. In China, emotive expression is notoriously absent from the practicalities of linguistics, while Spanish offers an array of delicate idioms to express ‘I miss you’, one of which literally translates to ‘I lack you’.

But language…

Sandro Botticelli, Primavera (1482 ca.) detail of the Three Graces

The release of Cuties triggered a wave of horror and outrage — “I want the parents chastised, directors electrocuted, children put in therapy and anyone else involved arrested”, read one tweet.

Another user tagged a six-minute video interview with the film’s writer and director, Maïmouna Doucouré, with an accompanying, “This the fucking degenerate bitch you should be angry at.”

But less than 30 seconds into the interview, Doucouré summarises the entire problem we have with the film as the exact point of the film itself: “[Amy’s] navigating between two models of femininity.” …

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